Shaddock Agency Client Named One Of 25 Seattle Companies To Follow On Instagram

Connecting with audiences can be tough no matter what the subject matter. Finding a way to make energy content resonate with readers is no exception. So I was thrilled when Built in Seattle named one of Shaddock Agency’s clients among its top 25 Instagram accounts to follow. We manage both the blog and the social[…]

Gutsy Broads Publishes First Contributor Story

Today I had the pleasure of sharing my first contributor’s story on Gutsy Broads. I know Lauren because of a gutsy decision she made several years ago: leaving an “Established News Organization” for the smaller, scrappier Lauren was fierce from the get go. It was 2008, and all hell was breaking loose on Wall Street. If[…]

Another Way To Engage With Readers Is Hiding In Plain Sight

“Best of Twitter” and other social-media reaction pieces continue to be popular among local-news providers. I think they’re fine — often amusing, occasionally enlightening — no real harm in doing them. I’ve dabbled (here and here). But what about the great story reactions that occur within a newspaper’s own domain? That’s right, I’m talking about[…]